Roberto Cristescu_ENG

"I had the great opportunity in the last years to be invited to be part of the Post-graduate Program in Endodontology at Egas Moniz Higher Education School. From the first time already I was extremely positive impressed by the good organization of the program and how my module was organized from A to Z: good schedule, warm welcome, very good equipment and a wonderful location.

As expected, the students were passionate about Endodontology and my lectures were possible to be constructed as a team gathering, as a real interactive course, where the whole class was involved. I really think this is a great benefit for this school, not only the infrastructure but the high quality of students. Being held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, the modules I was invited to lecture at managed to allow me to transfer much quickly and efficient the information I had prepared to share with my students.

A great positive point is also the awareness of the staff of the University, which were always ready to answer the questions and demands of the students. During the years I was asked to prepare and lecture different topics, as an answer to the needs the students had. And in the Dentistry field it is of real importance to be able to be taught and learn what you need in your daily clinical work in the practice.

At the Endodontic Course, the practical part was always done using microscope magnification and state of the art equipment. In the modern era of Endodontology the use of microscope became mandatory and the sooner you develop the skills to perform the endodontic treatments under this magnification, the better and more natural your clinical workflow will become. I am very satisfied and proud that the Egas Moniz Higher Education School took care that enough microscopes are available for this course.

I will encourage people to follow those courses and be involved with the programs at Egas Moniz. A good university, a very modern technology and, also very important, a talented and friendly staff."

Roberto Cristescu
Research and Teaching area: Dentistry-Endodontics