Joana Serranito_ENG

"My adventure at Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz (IUEM) began in 2013, when I decided to join the Bachelor's degree in Forensic and Criminal Sciences. My decision was partly influenced by the television and film industry, but I quickly realized how complex the forensic world is. The required detail and the multidisciplinarity involved in this area were a challenging part of the course, but at the same time essential to be able to conclude with success a Master's degree in organized crime and terrorism at University College London and later to start in the labor market as a disaster model analyst in the strand of terrorism in London.

The curricular units (UC) taught in the first year seem poorly related to the course, but are the fundamental basis for the understanding of the UC of the following years, as well as to be a good professional. Laboratory UC teach us to define and follow practices/protocols, while mathematical UC provide us with fundamental analytical capabilities to understand the various phenomena in which the various disciplines of forensic sciences are based.

But as the academic life is not just about studying, IUEM provided me with conditions so that I could, for three years, call it "second house". Here I met amazing people; I was part of student “Praxe”, which is quite inclusive and executed within moderate standards; I had the opportunity to contact with national forensic professionals, but also of other countries, in various conferences and workshops organized, and I had the opportunity to take responsibility in organizing these same conferences and workshops, which helped develop the so-called "soft skills", as well as extending my network of contacts."

Joana Serranito
Licenciatura em Ciências Forenses e Criminais no IUEM
Mestrado em Crime Organizado e Terrorismo na University College London