Student Support and Social Welfare

As a Egas Moniz's student you have at your disposal a Social Welfare Office, which is responsible for:

  • Support for the applications of merit and grants;
  • Management of the Merit Awards Professor José Martins dos Santos;
  • Provide access to health care;
  • Promote access to accommodation and food;
  • Promote other supports.


Operating hours:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

CGD delegation office on our campus.



Phone: (+351) 212 946 838 or (+351) 212 946 704

General e-mail:

Scholarships e-mail:


Students with Special Educational Needs

  • Regulation Document | Student with Special Educational Needs

Application deadline for scholarships for students with disabilities:

According to the order of the General Director of Higher Education, of 11 April 2018, published on the DGES website, it was determined that the requirements for the award of scholarships to attend higher education of students with disabilities equal to or greater than 60 % may be submitted until the end of the school year to which they refer.

Health care

You have at your disposal appointments of:

  • Dentistry
  • Nutrition;
  • Psychology;
  • Physiotherapy.

For more information and appointments:

  • Egas Moniz Dental Clinic - Phone: (+351) 212 946 777/8
  • Egas Moniz University Clinic - Phone: (+351) 212 720 830/211 301 534

Food and accommodation

Within the campus of Egas Moniz you have a university residence with 211 rooms and where you benefit from a set of services, with shared values, as well as free access to:

  • Laundry;
  • Fully equipped kitchens;
  • Study and leisure spaces;
  • Pool.

In the same scope, you also have, in campus, a canteen, bar, kiosk, microwave and dining rooms.

According to Order No. 5404/2017 of 21 June, there is the addition of accommodation where displaced scholarship students of private higher education benefit: In a monthly supplement equal to the amount of charge actually paid by the housing and supported by receipt up to the limit of 30% of the index of social support, in the period of scholarship assignment;

An additional month of this add when, through receipt issued by the relevant departments of the institution in which they are enrolled and registered, can prove they have carried out or are conducting academic acts, including assessment tests and internships, as well as the preparation of dissertation of scientific nature, project work or professional stage, object of final report, that involve the maintenance of their situation of displaced persons.

Other support

If you join the Academic Choir and Tunas, and participate regularly and assiduously in these activities, you are entitled to a 20% reduction in monthly tuition.

Egas Moniz has also established a protocol with CGD in order to alleviate the financial difficulties of students who are disadvantaged or victims of unforeseen economic situations and in order to improve educational success. You can obtain course funding for annual tranches, subject to proof of utilization, and benefit from a grace period upon completion of the course.