The Egas Moniz Alumni body seeks to bring together all the former students of the institutions it houses.

The more than one dozen thousand graduates (undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees) are testament to our excellent teaching in the field of Health and Forensic Science, which is internationally renowned and which turns Egas Moniz into a hub of superior quality culture.

It is in this set of people who passed through our institution, who we’ve prepared for their professional lives, who integrated in a quick and safe manner, that we intend to foster healthy mutual interaction, discovering joint experiences and new possibilities for partnerships and scientific, educational and cultural projects.

It is these men and women, health care and forensic science professionals who were our students and left us not just with a diploma but also the theoretical and practical knowledge that enabled them to develop skills, advance and stake their claim in their professional and social lives, that we wish to call back to their “home”, because the Egas Moniz DNA will always be in each one of them.
Over three decades and in a growth process that was taken step by step, we’ve evolved from tiny facilities to the grandiose University Campus in Monte Caparica, through a long yet fruitful path, that allowed these students to affirm their desires, developing synergies and building a life project.

A life that is running through our Campus, inside every man or woman who studied here, inside all of us, flowing to the thousands of communities that are spread throughout the world and which are the paradigm of the two dozen different nationalities that currently reside here, in a true example of multiculturalism, which is what makes up “our” Egas Moniz universe.

We invite you to take part in this opportunity to relive the past, rekindle friendships and build future opportunities, benefitting from a range of initiatives (Please fill out for the form here), which are solely dependent on everyone’s will, and that will is certainly endless.

We don’t invite anyone to enter their own home, we greet them.

Faithfully Yours,

José João Mendes

Chairman of the Board of Egas Moniz, CRL

Alumni Egas Moniz

We don’t invite anyone to enter their own home, we greet them!