Life on Campus

With approximately 5 ha, our campus is located at Monte de Caparica – Almada and it comprises large, modern and well equipped facilities that potentiate the performance of students and teaching staff, thus enabling academic success.
The university life is not restricted to study but also includes social parties, enriching experiences leading to inspiriting memories and lifelong friendships. Egas Moniz promotes your integration in the academy and supports initiatives that enhance the excellent academic atmosphere experienced on campus.

The aim of our efforts is that the land and lawns of our campus actually become fertile fields, where the culture of interaction and innovation, the open mind and the way of living in society, may constitute an asset in your training, marking you positively and forever!

In this section you can take a virtual tour and witness some memorable moments and the academic life at Egas Moniz.

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Academic Life

Do you want to (re)live a few highlights of the academic environment lived in Egas Moniz? Don’t miss our gallery, where you can also take a virtual tour through our facilities.

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