Future Student

If your choice is the Health area, we are your option!

When deciding on a career, Egas Moniz – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, CRL offers you a variety of Undergraduate (1st cycle), Integrated Masters (1st + 2nd cycles), Masters (2nd cycle) and other Postgraduate courses, in the Health and Forensic Sciences areas.

These are educational options that match stimulating and prestigious professions with good professional outputs and employability, combining technical quality with human factors and interpersonal relationships.

We have Portuguese courses for foreigners and our courses are adapted to the Bologna process, duly accredited in the European Union.

Egas Moniz is located on the south bank of the Tagus River, in Almada, 15 minutes from Lisbon and Costa de Caparica and with excellent accessibility (served by light rail, train and bus).

Our campus comprises large, modern and well equipped facilities, which are suitable for the teaching and practice of Health and Forensic Sciences (labs, clinics, among others).

It also provides an on-campus residence (with swimming pool) for housing students, a restaurant and cafeteria, ample green spaces and conditions for the practice of sports (bodybuilding gym and playing field).

Egas Moniz University Residence (RUEM)

Enjoy your time for what is important! Minimize the time lost for traveling by staying at RUEM.

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