The Pedagogical Training Office (GFP) at Egas Moniz started operating in 2011 due to the need to monitor the teaching-learning process, under the Quality Management System, in order to improve/develop pedagogical skills in the teaching body, as a complement to their technical and scientific action, making practices suitable and increasing the improvement in the quality of teaching at Egas Moniz.

The paradigm shift regarding the teaching-learning process in higher education and the role teachers and students play in this context, which is now more student-centred, fostering collaborative and independent learning, critical and autonomous thought, among other aspects, has raised new challenges in higher education institutions and their teaching bodies. In this way we expect that teachers will adopt suitable and innovative teaching and evaluation methods so as to ensure a more effective engagement with students, motivating them and contributing to improving their learning performance and results.

The GFP’s goals are as follows:

  • To develop pedagogical skills that improve the efficacy of teaching, complementing with technical skills
  • To encourage each teacher to take on a pedagogic attitude that fosters students’ engagement and dedication, stimulating their motivation and improving their collaboration and commitment to school performance
  • To reflect on and suit pedagogical methods to the type of students and nature of the courses.

Through a team of duly accredited trainers and psychologists, the GFP makes the following available to Egas Moniz teachers:

The activities are held during the school year, normally during the months of January/February and June/July.

We also note that an ab-initio pedagogical training programme for new teachers will be launched during the 2017/18 school year. This programme will have three stages: self-diagnosis, team coaching, training and development plan. It has been designed so as to follow and more easily assess the progress felt by new teachers.

Head of the GFP: PhD Mário Polido

Did you know?...

We have the possibility to carry out observation activities in real classroom context, with the support of a team of properly accredited psychologists

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