Facilities and Services

Located on a campus that has about 5 hectares in Monte de Caparica (Almada council), the two institutions offer a wide and diversified range of undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, integrated master’s degrees, post-graduate degrees and a specialisation in the field of Health and Forensic Science. We have approximately 2,500 students and 200 teachers. The investment in the quality and qualification of our teaching staff, as well as in the facilities and amenities can be seen in the skills level of those who graduate from EGAS MONIZ. 

EGAS MONIZ is constantly concerned with making available all the necessary means for a good performance by teachers and students, and we take this on as our direct responsibility. In this way we can increase school success and graduates’ employability. At this level we can mention, for instance, the Library and the many services it offers users, as well as the Office for Insertion in Active Life - GIVA.

The students’ comfort and well-being is ensured by the excellence of support services on campus, such as cafeterias that serve meals, a playing field, gym, areas for conviviality and leisure, copy centre, bookstore, facilities for student associations, as well as medical and psychological support. EGAS MONIZ also has a university residence with 211 rooms on campus for students who don’t live nearby.

Through its mission and vision, EGAS MONIZ is further based on two major pillars, in addition to the teaching-learning element of its students: