Welcome message

Since its onset, Egas Moniz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, C.R.L. has been a community of students, teachers and staff, whose mission is “dedicated to the advance in knowledge, learning and education of its students, at the service of improving health conditions for the global society in the 21st Century”. It has been for a long time now a benchmark institution in teaching health in Portugal.

Egas Moniz has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard since 2010 and it is the body that set up the Egas Moniz Higher Institute of Health Science (University) and the Egas Moniz Higher School of Health (Polytechnic) focusing on training health care professionals and likewise setting itself as a centre for social responsibility, heavily implanted in the local community through the provision of medical care.

As an academic institution our activity is educational and scientific, and we are backed by a teaching body of over 400 highly qualified teachers, who take part in scientific research projects in partnership with national and foreign institutions.

In health care provision we highlight the Egas Moniz Dental Clinic (on campus), the Egas Moniz/Almada University Clinic, the Egas Moniz/Setúbal University Clinic (currently being set up), and the Egas Moniz/ Sesimbra Nursing Home, which offer support to the community in the fields of Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Nutrition, Speech Therapy and Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

At the same time, Egas Moniz develops its educational and research action with impact on public health through its various structures, namely the Medical Genetics and Paediatric Nutrition Centre, the Interdisciplinary Research Centre, the Electron Microscopy and Histopathology Centre, the Victim Information and Support Office, the Forensic Psychology Office, the Applied Social Studies Group, the Forensic Science and Psychology Laboratory, and the Applied Microbiology Laboratory.

The university campus is located in Monte de Caparica (Almada), over 5 hectares and with an implantation area of 15,000m2. It consists of a set of large, modern and well-equipped teaching structures, allowing students to have access to teaching of excellence a mere 15 minutes away from Lisbon and 10 minutes away from the beaches at Costa da Caparica.

We highlight the Egas Moniz University Residence (RUEM) located on campus, which opens up the possibility of having attractive, modern and economical accommodation, with spaces that invite you to study and interact with others, as well as reference amenities in an academic setting.

Accordingly, the university residence fosters academic conviviality among the residents in a proactive manner, ensuring their well-being and safety, as if in their own homes. The residence is mixed-gender with 211 fully-equipped rooms, responding to students’ accommodation needs and including in the structure a swimming pool, gym, playing field, study rooms and private parking.

In sum, Egas Moniz ensures quality teaching and the best theoretical and practical training for its students, since it combines all the essential ingredients, such as excellent facilities, support services and amenities, renowned competence and a teaching body with top-quality qualifications.

The obvious capabilities of the students are seen by their rapid professional integration, at national and international level, in the Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programmes and the protocols with renowned universities at world level. The number of students from several nationalities is also worthy of note, fostering even further the climate of multiculturalism, integration and diversity that has always set us apart.

It’s these thousands of young men and women (approximately 10,000 graduates) who have trusted us, entrusting us their education with joy and spirit of learning, who lead us to face the future with even more encouragement, in the certainty that Egas Moniz, in a process of healthy growth and pursuing the work of our President Emeritus, Professor Martins dos Santos, will continue to be an institution of excellence that honours teaching in Portugal, as this is what we desire.

Our students, teachers, staff and alumni are proud of their “Egas Moniz DNA” and are part of society in their own merit, based on solid and acknowledged growth, in ethics and with a strong and permanent desire to apply the knowledge they have acquired to the benefit of patients and the community.

We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to welcoming you,

Prof. José João Mendes
Chairman of the Board of Egas Moniz, CRL